• Brake Skimming

Brake Disc Skimming

The latest innovation for your driving safety, on-car brake lathe. This is a new service. We can fit pads and skim discs on all 4 corners in just 30 minutes per disk!

Handling Brake problems before they happen! When you have vibration on disk brakes, your braking may be seriously affected. Vibration comes about from, amongst other things poor disc materials or lack of tolerance between disc and hub which produces run out.

Changing the disc is one option, however the same problem will arise in time so just changing the disc is not the solution.

At KNM Motors we have invested in the latest state-of-the-art machinery which is new to the market to ensure your brakes are handled with care.

Our high tech on-car brake lathe eradicates the problem of brake problems on your car, not only is this less time consuming, it is also the most effective way to tackle brake wearing and related disc problems.

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