Driving in Winter

Winter can hit motorists hard in Leeds and throughout the UK, so here are some tips for safe motoring for you and your family from the team at KNM Motors.

Make sure your car is serviced

It goes without saying that the performance of your car can be affected in the cold weather, so it’s crucial you have it serviced on a regular basis. As the temperature drops, this can cause a whole multitude of problems including starting up, additional strain on the engine etc, so call us today or book your site into our garage in Leeds today.

Tips for safe driving in cold weather

1. Check your levels
This includes the coolant level to ensure your engine is not struggling to start, refer to your manufactures guidelines and you can’t go wrong. The same applies to oil levels, screen wash – (don’t forget antifreeze).
2. Check your Battery
Make sure the terminals are clean and use some petroleum jelly on the terminals (+ and -) clear off any accumulated debris using hot water. Bring your car into our garage so we can check the battery is charging correctly – piece of mind for you and yours.
3. Tyres
Worn tyres are dangerous for both you and other road users so do check the tread, and replace if needed.
3. Lights
Ensure your headlights are working correctly; it goes without saying how important this is.
Inspection of your vehicle is a must for safe driving including your wiper blades, chips on your windscreen; body problems… call us today for more information.