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Wheel Alignment

The cause of high tyre wear is mostly down to the incorrect wheel alignment of your wheels. This can be very expensive or even worse, potentially cause an accident.

At KNM we have a brand new 2014 Vamag wheel alignment system, it reads all four wheels and gives a full read out of the suspension so we can fully adjust the front and rear camber and toe. We set up your suspension to manufacturers specifications automatically. Tracking on most cars these days are not in spec due to the terrible roads we are driving on, potholes and speed bumps severely affects wheels – knocking them out of line, and should be checked and adjusted every year. This is to reduce Tyre wear, improve handling and stability plus more mpg.

We can track your car while you wait in our comfy, warm and relaxing reception at our Leeds garage with a hot cup of freshly ground coffee or tea,  Or you can leave it with us and we will give you a call when the car is ready to pick up. Wheel alignment is only £55 plus vat, that includes adjusting the front and rear suspension, unlike most who only adjust the front.

Complete Wheel alignment KNM Leeds


KNM Motors Ltd – Providing the complete Wheel Alignment service giving you piece of mind your wheels are correctly aligned for the road.